About Us

Grass Commons blends foresight, creativity, humanity, and humor in building software that helps people address some of our biggest societal problems and deepest personal needs.



To help people align their money with their values.



Ethan McCutchen
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Co-founder, Executive Director

  Ethan McCutchen co-founded Grass Commons to build software that connects people deeply. Having majored ...


Board of Directors


Arthur Brock
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Software user/tester, Board member, promoter, supporter

  After designing an interdisciplinary degree in Artificial Intelligence at Michigan State ...
Lewis Hoffman
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Co-founder, Technical Director

  Lewis Hoffman joined Ethan McCutchen in co-founding Grass Commons to put his ...
Michael Maranda
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Member of the Board

  I was born a poor black child ...  no, not really, but I ...
Jean Russell
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offering insight in community building and user interface/design with lots of cheering

  Jean Russell is ...


Governing Council
Grass Commons' Governing Council is a group of voting members that elects our Board of Directors. It is currently ...