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I have...


Writing Skills


Fantastic!  We're always looking for helping building up web content and communicating about ideas.  One first step is to join an existing Wagn and help build up its content.  



Design Skills


Excellent.  We need you!  If you're able to volunteer help with web interface design, we could use your help with Wagn and  If you're into web graphics, we're always working on new logos and icons, and it's also helpful to submit graphics to spice up the internals of our sites.  (For example, see


We also have a need for more traditional design, and would love help creating promotional materials, stationery, etc.



Community Organizing Skills


Wow, we could really use your help.  Wagn is about creating community, and we would love help with ideas, online community-building time, and relationship building.  Ths could be helping any of the Wagn communities out there, or helping us build our community of Wagneers and Wagn Developers.



Other Useful Expertise


We're not proud -- we know that to have the kind of impact we hope to have, we'll need lots of help.  If you can help us with marketing, organizational development, open source practices, legal advice, financial advice, or anything else that might help us grow as an organization and a community, we'd welcome your help.





Grass Commons is a 501(c)(3) public education charity.  Donations are tax-deductible, and you get a lot of bang for your buck.  Grass Commons does a ton of great work with a comparatively small budget.



Also, we've recently introduced Service Grants that you can help fund.  If, for example, you want to support early childhood education, women's rights, or environmental issues, and would like to support a Wagn devoted to your topic of choice, then we will actively seek related groups to whom to grant Wagneering and Development time.  We reserve the right to screen topics and will return all funds for topics for which we do not identify grantees.  We will publish a preferred topic list soon, but until that time you may submit topic requests.