Governing Council

GrassCommons' Governing Council is a group of voting members that elects our Board of Directors. It is currently comprised of:


expand_more John Abbe
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Software Designer, Wagneer, Evangelist

  With all the computers around nowadays, i often feel like i'm living in ...
expand_more Mark Arehart


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expand_more Mary Anne Hitt


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expand_more Lewis Hoffman
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Co-founder, Technical Director

  Lewis Hoffman joined Ethan McCutchen in co-founding Grass Commons ...
expand_more Erin Johnson
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expand_more Sara Longsmith

Governing Council Member

  Senior Development Associate/Grant Writer, Community Action of the Franklin, Hampshire, and North Quabbin Regions ( ...
expand_more Justin Lowell-Bellew
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Development Director

  Once upon a time, in a land a few thousand miles away, Justin worked in ...
expand_more Michael Marano


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expand_more Ethan McCutchen
Ethan McCutchen+image  

Co-founder, Executive Director

  Ethan McCutchen co-founded Grass Commons to build software that connects people deeply. Having majored ...
expand_more Griff Miller
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I'm a Governing Council member and a long-time friend of Ethan's.

  I'm an environmental engineer with the ...