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Jean Russell is dedicated to shifting our collective awareness from sustainability (where we seek to eliminate social, financial, and environmental harm) to thrivability (where we contribute meaningfully and consistently to a deep cultivation of natural, financial, and social systems) provides a rallying point for those interested in systemic change.  She launched, a think tank encompassing a wide network of visionaries, thought leaders, change agents, and entrepreneurs. In March 2010, she launched an ebook on thrivability, written by over 50 authors reflecting on elements of thrivability.


Creating and nurturing conversations, Jean opens opportunities for transformation.  Her generous spirit, coupled with her coaching approach, earned her the name “NurtureGirl.” Her coaching and facilitation approach focuses on the flow of communication and an empathic sense of interpersonal dynamics. Jean leads strategy retreats and social benefit conferences, collaborating with colleagues in fields ranging from social media/networks to philanthropy, currencies, green/sustainable design, community development, and human rights. Jean has coached social entrepreneurs and change agents on four continents.



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I am most excited about how wagn is smarter than wikis. And that is important because we need smarter databases and collaborative tools to shape and share a more thrivable world.


Passionate about thrivability. See and