John Abbe

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Software Designer, Wagneer, Evangelist


With all the computers around nowadays, i often feel like i'm living in the future. At the same time, i'm often frustrated by how poorly most computer software is connected together, how hard it is to use, and how much potential is not made available to people. So i jumped at the chance to work with Ethan and Lewis on Wagn at the beginning of 2007.






+excited about

Guiding Wagn as a tool that connects people and things in empowering ways.


For myself, i most enjoy the collaborative sessions with Ethan & Lewis as we keep extending Wagn's power while keeping it simple enough for people to use. I also love working with folks using Wagn to engineer their vision into reality (this is what we call Wagneering), and doing demonstrations of Wagn and talking about it with people.


Life - I like juggling, going for long walks & long talks, sitting quietly, and listening to many kinds of music. Traveled across the U.S. for three months in 1991 when i moved from Massachusetts to California, and was in Sri Lanka for three years from 2002–2005. Now i enjoy living in community at Walnut St. Co-op in Eugene, Oregon. My home page has more about me, as does my personal Wagn.


Geek - My dad distracted me from playing computer games (on his company's teletype machine connection to an offsite mainframe) by offering to get me one of these new-fangled personal computers if i would go through some BASIC tutorials. I was thrilled with my Commodore PET, and even moreso when we upgraded it to 32K(!) RAM, more than i could imagine ever using.


Big picture - I have a long-running interest in the process arts, including Nonviolent Communication, open space, gift economics and of course wiki itself. All in the service of the culture shift toward more power-over ways of seeing, being and doing.



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